Cone Beam 3D Imaging In Fort Collins, CO

At Park View Family Dental in Fort Collins, we proudly offer Cone Beam 3D imaging. This technology gives our dentists an incredibly detailed view of your teeth and jawbone structure. This helps us better understand the conditions that may be affecting you so that we can provide you with the best possible care.
How Does Cone Beam 3D Imaging Work?
Our advanced cone beam CT scanner uses low-dose x-ray beams to create a three-dimensional image of your mouth and jawbone structure. From this image, our dentists can identify potential issues such as decay, alignment problems, or even wisdom tooth placement to give you more accurate treatment plans.
Benefits Of Cone Beam 3D Imaging
Using cone beam CT scans makes it easier for our dental team to diagnose any underlying issues quickly and accurately without having to do multiple X-rays or other invasive procedures that could cause pain or discomfort for patients. These scans also allow us to plan out treatments ahead of time, saving time during actual appointments and ensuring a faster recovery period later on down the line.
What Makes Us Different At Park View Family Dental?
At Park View Family Dental in Fort Collins, we strive to provide quality service at every visit! Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly educated staff make it easy for us to diagnose and treat any dental condition quickly and efficiently while still providing outstanding patient care each step of the way! In addition, we understand how essential preventative maintenance is for oral health and are committed to ensuring all our patients get the preventive care they need through regular checkups using cone beam CT scanners!
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If you’re looking for a high-quality dentist office with experienced professionals who utilizes cutting-edge technology like cone beam scanning, look no further than Park View Family Dental in Fort Collins! Call us today, and we will happily schedule an appointment immediately!
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If you're experiencing chronic discomfort due to jaw pressure or other concerning symptoms like visible swelling near the affected area, please call us right away – even outside regular office hours – so we can assist you promptly. We'll be happy to schedule an appointment with one of our expert dentists, who will ensure comfort throughout every stage of treatment, starting from initial evaluation through postoperative consultation to maximize your well-being!
Frequently Asked Questions

The CBCT scanner utilizes an x-ray tube that rotates around the patient’s head or body part being scanned while simultaneously capturing multiple two-dimensional x-ray images from hundreds of different angles. These slices are then compiled into one single three-dimensional image, which can be manipulated by the dentist for diagnostic purposes or used in treatment planning software such as guided implant surgery.
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