Detect Oral Health Issues With Digital X-Rays In Fort Collins, CO

At Park View Family Dental in Fort Collins, we proudly offer the latest dental technology with our digital x-ray services. Our high-tech digital imaging system gives us a detailed view of your entire oral structure, enabling us to detect any signs of decay or disease quickly and accurately. Digital x-rays can also reveal growths and abscesses that may not be visible during a standard examination. By utilizing this advanced technology, we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for any oral health issues you may be experiencing.
How Do Digital X-Rays Work?
Digital x rays work by using small amounts of radiation to create images inside the mouth, which are then stored on a computer for viewing at any time. The radiation used is much lower than traditional film x-rays, making them safer and more efficient while providing more detailed images. Additionally, unlike conventional film-based systems, which require chemical processing before dentists can view them, digital x-rays can be seen immediately after being taken, allowing us to make quick decisions about diagnosis and treatment plans directly!
Benefits Of Digital X-Rays
  • Digital X-rays have numerous benefits over traditional imaging methods, including
  • Improved accuracy due to higher-resolution imaging capabilities
  • Reduced exposure to harmful radiation compared to older analog systems
  • Near-instantaneous image review eliminates the need for developing films or waiting times associated with conventional radiography procedures.
  • It helps eliminate costly physical storage space required for storing films long term.
  • It increases patient comfort when taking scans and much more!
Why Choose Us?
At Park View Family Dental in Fort Collins, we take great pride in offering patients the most advanced technologies available to receive quality care every time they visit us. With our state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine and highly skilled team of professionals, you'll always get top-notch service from start to finish! We understand how important it is for you to maintain your oral health and want nothing more than for each patient who visits us to feel confident knowing their teeth are safe from harm's way thanks to our preventive care measures like digital x-rays!
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At Park View Family Dental, we utilize the latest technology in digital X-rays to accurately detect and diagnose oral health issues. If you're looking for a digital x-ray in Fort Collins, CO, look no further than our team. We offer convenient, on-demand x-rays that can be done right in your own home or office. Plus, we offer a wide range of other imaging services, so you can get the care you need all in one place. Call us today to schedule an appointment.
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If you're experiencing chronic discomfort due to jaw pressure or other concerning symptoms like visible swelling near the affected area, please call us right away – even outside regular office hours – so we can assist you promptly. We'll be happy to schedule an appointment with one of our expert dentists, who will ensure comfort throughout every stage of treatment, starting from initial evaluation through postoperative consultation to maximize your well-being!
Frequently Asked Questions

Digital x-rays provide faster results, reduce radiation exposure, and produce higher-quality images than traditional film X-rays.
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