Get an Accurate Diagnosis Of Your Oral Health With Cone Beam 3D Imaging In Greeley, CO.

At Park View Family Dental in Greeley, we proudly provide patients with a comprehensive range of diagnostic treatments and services. One of the most advanced tools for diagnosing dental problems is cone beam 3D imaging. This innovative Technology allows us to capture detailed images of your oral health using a low-dose X-ray system that creates three-dimensional (3D) images.
What Is Cone Beam 3D Imaging?
Cone beam 3D imaging is an advanced form of radiography used in dentistry and other medical fields, which produces digital three-dimensional (3D) x-rays from special scanners that rotate around the patient's head while taking multiple scans. The collected data is then converted into highly accurate images, which allow doctors to see even little details, such as nerve pathways or tiny fractures inside teeth or jawbones.
What To Expect From It?
Cone beam 3D imaging requires no preparation on behalf of the patient before their appointment except for wearing comfortable clothing without any metal parts; otherwise, it may interfere with the image quality produced by this tool. During the procedure itself, you can expect minimal movement as well as a few minutes spent by our trained professionals, who will carefully move you during the scanning process if needed so that all angles can be captured accurately from different planes to create clear pictures required for diagnosis and treatment planning purposes.
Benefits Of Cone Beam 3D Imaging
Utilizing cone beam 3d imaging provides numerous clinical benefits, including:
Detecting any existing problems early on so treatment can be provided promptly
Higher resolution than traditional methods
Provides more detailed anatomical information
Eliminates the need for radiation exposure
Fewer retakes due to improved accuracy
Accurate diagnoses are made possible via greater detail
Why Choose Park View Family Dental In Greeley?
At Park View Family Dental in Greely, we are proud to be one of the few local dentists offering Cone Beam 3D imaging. Our experienced and skilled team is committed to providing personalized care tailored to your unique oral health needs. We strive to stay at the forefront of modern dentistry to provide our clients with advanced diagnostic capabilities and comprehensive treatment plans. Cone Beam 3D imaging provides a detailed three-dimensional picture of a patient's mouth, teeth, and jaw bones in only seconds – which allows us to more accurately diagnose dental issues and plan treatments such as implant placement or full arch restorations quickly and effectively.
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At Park View Family Dental in Greeley, we understand how important it is for patients to receive quality care and have peace of mind during their visit with us. That's why all our procedures are performed with safety top priority, so you can rest assured knowing you will always get the best care available from start to finish! So if you're looking for an experienced dental office offering high-quality services utilizing cone beam 3D imaging technology - look no further than Park View Family Dental in Greeley! Schedule Your Appointment With Our Experts In Greely Today!
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, cone beam CT technology involves some radiation exposure; however, it has been found that patients receive up to 90% less radiation when using this Technology compared with standard computed tomography (CT). Also, modern CBCT scanners have built-in features like low-dose protocols, so even further reduction in radiation can be achieved if needed by adjusting settings accordingly.

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