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A dental crown covers the exposed tooth surface to strengthen or beautify the teeth. A dental bridge is used to substitute one or more missing teeth. It consists of a false tooth or teeth attached to caps on either side to support. Our dental professionals at Park View Family Dental are proud to offer dental crowns and bridges to our patients. We will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.
What Are Dental Crowns And Bridges Made Of?
Dental crowns and bridges can be made from various materials, including porcelain, metal, or a combination. Depending on your individual needs, our dentists will recommend the most suitable material for you.
Benefits Of Dental Crowns And Bridges
Dental Crowns
Crowns provide additional support to weak or damaged teeth.
They can be used to restore a broken tooth or one severely worn down.
A crown may also be placed over a dental implant, helping it blend in with the other teeth naturally.
Crowns are very durable and can last many years if properly cared for.
Dental crowns look natural and can improve the appearance of your smile.
They help protect against further damage by covering up any cracks or chips in your existing tooth structure.
Dental Bridges
Help maintain proper alignment and shape of existing teeth
Fill the gap created by missing tooth/teeth
Provide support to adjacent teeth
Improve chewing, speaking, and overall oral health
Prevent remaining natural teeth from shifting into the space left behind by a missing tooth/teeth
Aid in restoring an even bite for better comfort and function
Aid in restoring an even bite for better comfort and function
The Process Of Getting Dental Crowns And Bridges

Schedule a consultation with your dentist: During this initial visit, the dentist will examine your mouth to determine if you are a good candidate for dental crowns and bridges. The dentist may also take X-rays or impressions of your teeth to give them a better idea of what type of restoration is best suited for you.

Prepare the affected teeth: For the crowns and bridges to fit correctly, some preparation of the impacted teeth may be necessary. This generally includes trimming away the enamel on all sides so that the crown can have something to adhere to when inserted over the top.

Take an impression: Your dentist will then create an impression (or mold) of your prepared tooth or teeth by using either putty or digital scanning technology to make sure that they get an accurate representation of how they should shape the custom prosthesis (crown/bridge).

Create a temporary crown or bridge: Depending on where yours falls in their queue, sometimes dentists will provide patients with temporary dental restorations while they wait for their permanent ones at home laboratory technicians craft customized replacements for them; others opt not to do this because more often than not these temporaries aren't very aesthetically pleasing nor comfortable due to being made out of acrylic material instead porcelain.

Receive and fit final appliance: After about two weeks, when lab technicians finish crafting a custom permanent bridge or crown, the patient returns to the office setting so that the doctor can place the finished product inside the patient's mouth securely, utilizing special dental cement. Depending upon the situation, additional treatments, such as a root canal, might also be needed before fitting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A bridge should last over ten years for people who practice good oral hygiene. Like any other dental work, your bridges and crowns will naturally deteriorate from chewing food and tooth grinding.

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